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Message To Bears
"All We Said"

"All We Said" begins with these delicate acoustic guitar plucks.   As the vocals come in, there are also these electronics- like percussion but also in a keyboard way- which join the sound.   With just the acoustics this can remind me a bit of Gotye, but when the electronic side of it surfaces it has this Phil Collins aspect to it as well.   The idea of a Gotye / Phil Collins collaboration is very much something I'd like to hear and this might be as close as we ever get to one.

It's rare that I can listen to a single song and compare it with another single song but "All We Said" also reminds me a bit of that Finger Eleven song "One Thing", which is possibly one of the songs that band might be best known for on the radio.  It's just that whole idea of this song feeling so light, like we're on clouds, but then the electronics bring us back down to Earth somehow or take us out to space.   The overall feeling is just blissed out.

The title is in the lyrics quite a bit, which is good, and as any song should if you were to hear this on the radio or however you hear new songs these days it would make me curious to hear more songs from Message To Bears.   If the year was 1996 and I heard this song on the radio or saw a video for it on MTV I'd certainly be at my local music shop buying the CD.   This song, as a single song, has that type of power to carry an entire album.

       While this song was exclusively premiered on "echoes and dust" and can be heard by clicking here there is an entire album of new songs from Message To Bears coming out July 19th, both digitally and physically- as there is a CD and record.  This would be the time and this would be the song that should make you want to pre-order this record.    It is an album I will definitely be keeping an eye on (or my ears, as it may be) and you can as well via the Message To Bears Bandcamp page right here:


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