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Baseball Review //
Rainbow Graphics @ Record-Journal Expos
[6/26/19] @ Ceppa Field

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Last week, the Record-Journal Expos game I wanted to go to at Ceppa Field (against the South Windsor Phillies) was called due to rain and, well, last week was just a bad week for baseball in general because of the weather.   It's odd how I feel like I go to a baseball game sometimes three times a week, but usually always at least once, and yet this past week I went to zero because of the weather.   Why is it that the weather can play such a big role in my summer enjoyment?
This game started with pitcher A.J. Hendrickson on the mound and this is my fourth GHTBL / Record-Journals Expos game here at Ceppa Field and it is my third time seeing Hendrickson as starting pitcher.   The good news is I knew two things going into this game which would both prove to be true: the Expos were going to win and A.J. Hendrickson would pitch a complete game. 

At first, this game got off to a quick start.   Neither team scored until the bottom of the third when Jack Rich hit a double which went over the center field fence to plate two runs, a total of four during that inning.  I thought- and this is why I'm not an umpire apparently- that it was a homerun but somehow it probably went under the fence and became a ground rule double.   Later on in the bottom of the fifth, Jack Rich would hit another double which would bring in the fifth run of the game for the Expos.

While other players got key hits, I do say that Jack Rich was the offensive MVP of the game.   This, of course, is not to be outdone by A.J. Hendrickson and his pitching, which held the Rainbow Graphics to no runs.   I'm not the type of person who decides such things, but why don't the Rainbow Graphics have a rainbow on their uniform?  If you can picture something with that 1980's / 1990's baseball style and then a rainbow (think vintage Astros) how cool would that be?   I'm not saying it'd help them win games, but at this point shouldn't they at least try?

Next week there is no GHTBL at Ceppa Field (I say because of the holiday?) but the following week, after the 4th of July and several baseball games I will attend elsewhere, the Record-Journal Expos come to Ceppa Field three times in one week.   Three times!  This might have me calling out of work one of the days, but it's time to see the Expos get through this season with the only loss they have right now.   Oh, and um, that loss was given to them by People's United Bank, who are coming to Ceppa Field.   This is the type of drama in baseball we should really be paying to see.

After this game I'm left wondering if they will make up their game from last week (And if so, when and how will I know when) and also who will I see pitch when they play three games over four nights in two weeks.   It's going to be quite fun and if you're reading this you really should come along for the ride.   Following this game, I took the stroll to the outfield because they never picked up the ball that Jack Rich hit to center in what I thought was a homerun and, well, let's just say that now I have two official GHTBL baseballs in my collection.  Now I just need to find out if there is a way to get a brand new one in my collection.

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