Monday, June 3, 2019

Cassette Review //
Carnivorous Plants
"Galaxy Splitter" //

Beats slowly begin to blossom.   A distorted wave of notes come screeching in and it just seems to spiral out of control, coming close to something from "In Utero".    It just feels like you're lying on the ground at the airport with the giant airplane flying over you, taking off and making all of its engine sounds which just feel like this wave if distortion that just hits you all at once.

There is a rhythm now, like that machine gun pattern, and then just a crackling of distortion.    The theme of this cassette just seems to be this uncontrollable distortion wall.   A sharper buzzing comes through now, like a bugzapper. 

A quiet tapping starts off the flip side, so minimal that it almost cannot be heard.   Some static slips in now and it gets a little louder but still feels like it's in the background of something bigger.    It can seemingly grow at times, but it's just that slight crackling, like a fire about to die down.

It sounds like something metal is rolling around pavement in the rain now.    It's such an odd feeling, like we're in a garage or driveway, and then it picks up a little bit more hectic, a little bit sharper in the delivery.   It's like having a metal shovel or rake and dragging it across your driveway but in a more controlled way than nails on a chalkboard.   There is this feeling of electricity as well.

The way that it kind of shines on through can remind me of a train.    It's this humming/buzzing which starts and stops and just makes me feel like we're traveling through time for some reason. 

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