Monday, June 17, 2019

Cassette Review //
"Exponential Bummer"

$7 // //

This one starts off with some wild, distorted chaos.   Tones come in during the mayhem and it has this grinding feeling to it as well but... is electronic distortion a genre because this might be it.   Massive amounts of drumming now with a flurry of jazz horns to create a scene of total devastation. 
Just percussion now.   Horns slowly make their way in and this has a jazz feel to it.   While it's breaking down into what could be described as jazz noise, it has a heavier influence on the jazz side of things.   There becomes an animalistic type of howl to the sounds and then it just finds itself venturing into this stone cold groove.   

It begins to sound as if it is breaking down now, all instruments at full capacity.   A bit of laughter takes us into the next blast of jazz mayhem.    There is some more laughing at the end of the song and then it takes on this whirring / glitch sound during the onslaught of percussion.   It almost has a swarm of bees vibe to it.   By the end you can begin to feel as if one of those space blasters is shooting through at you.

This leads us into an upbeat, sort of marching song that feels like we are building towards a purpose.    This doesn't last for very long, however, and then we reach the end of the first side of the cassette.

Heavy drumming and frantic horns kick things off on the flip side.  Through these droning type sounds it drops off and begins to sound like a pinball machine gone out of control.   Whirrs come in like frequency changes.   Lone beeps come through now like sonar as the percussion builds behind it.   Frequencies again and the vibe here is somewhat like a sci-fi movie for sure. 

I enjoy perhaps most how this can have some sounds which are considered by a lot of people to be "out there" but they are all seemingly grounded by this stellar drumming.   The horns hold up their end of the work as it just feels like everything is falling apart right now.   The horns take on more bass and begin to drone in a way which might upset the neighbors.

A bass feeling comes in that makes me think of a flat tire while cymbals are banged around like pots and pans.   A steady rolling now.   This cymbals rattle now as space crashes down around them.    An engine stalls.  Cymbals crash.   It becomes frantic and the math rock version of jazz now.   It grows into this error feel, cuts off and then comes back, horns and cymbals ablazin'.     This all comes to an end with a slow growl and it's such this journey you need to take more than once to fully appreciate but also just to drive during the middle of the night and stay awake.

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