Monday, June 17, 2019

Music Review //
Andy The Crocodile
"Scars & Wounds EP" //

When I was a kid we had these neighbors and one of them was much younger than us but he had this stuffed panda bear he had asked my mom to sew because it was ripped and it went into this dresser we had in our kitchen never to return because they eventually moved away before my mom gave it back to them.  That kid was named Andy so we always thought of it was "Andy Pandy" which is funny when you think of Andy The Crocodile (why not Lyle?)  That dresser disappeared from my parents' kitchen at some point in time and I don't know what happened to it or Andy Pandy.

The songs on the "Scars & Wounds EP" are melodic and diverse.    "Hope" has that indie rock vibe with something playing the bells on it, while "Sleep Well My Child" really sounds like a lullaby.   "The Whammy Girl" starts off with this country type part (which even makes reference to that) and then just kicks into this big rock sound which sings about how "Anything can be a rock song / All you need is a little heart"   "Just Another Love Song" gets acoustic like folk and it is about what the title says, which is nice that at least it recognizes how many love songs already exist.

Though it is not easy to put Andy The Crocodile into a category for comparisons, as these songs sound like other songs but don't at the same time, I feel like I can at least put this music into a similar genre where you can say "It doesn't sound like ____, but it could be made around that same time".   This takes me back to a time in the 1990's when I listened to bands like Stroke 9 and Wheatus.   It's that sort of distorted but diverse rock that you can hear coming out in this EP which makes me enjoy it so much.

At time same time, this EP has that Weezer quality (at least from their first album) where every song just feels like an album unto itself.   With four songs, this feels like a lot more rock than what you might think based on the length in that simple way.  This also makes me curious as to what a full length album would sound like from Andy The Crocodile: each of the twelve songs an album unto itself, searching for that one that is a little bit weird and just doesn't seem radio friendly but I would be totally into.   Yes, this is a good introduction to Andy The Crocodile but I want to get to know this music so much more. 

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