Friday, June 28, 2019

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Mantra Love
"Another One" // // //

This song starts with banging drums and a big bass line.   The guitar comes in all dreamy and it feels like something you might have heard in that 1990's era of grunge, but also maybe 1996/1997 radio rock that had one hit with better songs on the album.   As the chorus kicks in, I hear this as some cross between the Drive Thru Records band The Benjamins and The Killers, which is about right for sort of past meets sort of present idea going on here.

If nothing else, "Another One" is dreamy.   It has radio single written all over it in that Weezer / Tripping Daisy way because it feels like it has that hook with the chorus.    I must also mention that I once went to a festival and saw both Superdrag and Supergrass play and Mantra Love could be some hybrid of those two bands as well- the dreamy and the stoned feel, especially when it kind of spaces out with that guitar solo.

The bass line can feel hypnotic and this has that Buddy Holly influence as well, you know, something in that garage punk way but not exactly like anything you've heard before.  Back when Jason Segal brought back "The Muppets" as a movie, there was a soundtrack and also a television series and this song really makes me feel like if there was a "Muppet Show"- like the original but set in modern times- Mantra Love could very easily be a musical guest introduced by Kermit the Frog.

When I first started listening to this song it was through SoundCloud.   Then SoundCloud broke.   It said the song couldn't be found, maybe even the user didn't exist.   So I had to head over to Spotify to find this song again.   The funny part is, a Google search for "Mantra Love" can bring up some interesting results- not all of them music- and I kind of dig that about this band as well.  Definitely put this song on your lazy summer daze playlist.

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