Monday, June 3, 2019

Cassette Review //
Piotr Cisak
(Degenerate Trifecta)

$5 //
Edition of 50 // //

Right from the start this is fast paced, loud and just full of energy.   There is this feeling like "Go" to it and then these dramatic tones drop in like a soap opera.    Electronic horns blare in and this has a song with lyrics in it even though it is instrumental, like something out of that "Weird Science" era of music-- Oingo Boingo for sure.  It's got that feeling of the soundtrack to a film I saw- like "Gleaming the Cube"- but just cannot seem to place.

The next song begins with a steady beat and more electronics than the first.   It drives like a march.  (What does that mean?  I don't know, listen and find out)  It picks up into this gallop feeling now.   We're riding high.   It can begin to feel like a knocking even, as tones enter and are then cut off in the background.

As it begins to feel hypnotic, the drums come in and put you in this loop from which I never wish to leave.    Faster and faster now, this becomes a much more pure electronic sound, like computers racing to find the answer before any human possibly can.  The bass keeps time like a ball bouncing up and down.    You can hear the cymbals, as it has this metallic ringing to it.   Electronic twists and turns serve as lyrics with this knocking trill behind it.

An air of static, slightly turning into some screeching, starts things off on the flip side and then we go into those New Order type of dance beats.    There is a definite pace to this which should make you want to move and if you're not up dancing you should be running.   You can try, but I'm not sure you can stop this one from busting out of your speakers. 

Electronics slip through now, which create a pattern that has that feeling of music to it but it could also just as easily be a glitching sound on repeat.   Those sonic whirrs come in and make sounds which are kind of like distorted beeping- not distorted in the way like a guitar but more like they are being stretched.   The intensity just increases as you listen to this song and it just feels like a pressure is growing inside of me, but while running it can push you to make it up that extra tough hill.

Beeping and that turbulance of a helicopter make for quite the audio picture now.   Beats take over and it begins to feel like something out of "Kill Bill".    The claps start and this is just such a heavy ride to take.   It feels like a cutting now, this whirlwind of a song starting up.  Electronics come in the form of beeping, but a darker beeping than before.   Beep beep.  This is the music that the future robot overlords will warn us about listening to because it does not conform to their specified ways. 

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