Monday, June 3, 2019

Cassette Review //
Glass Spitter
"Severed Head Of The Pervert"
(Doughgirl Tapes)

$5 //
Edition of 25 // //

We begin with this loud static rip.    The static feels like it's skipping and words slip through.   It's really this spoke word hidden behind the distorted noise but it reminds me of Deathdealer for some reason.    That part fades out and we begin the next song with this sound like a car engine blast. 
Words come in from behind with screeches.    The way the words are being spoken, it's almost like a taunting, like whatever the point is being spoken is really being drive home, really rubbed in so that whoever these words are intended for can feel as if they have most certainly done wrong. 

It gets sharper, squeals.   I don't believe I've ever heard music blister through like a train engine like this before, much less with words to accompany these sounds.  These are usually instrumental sounds in my experience so hearing the words with them really sets the mood.   It's hypnotic.  It's serious.  Most of all though, it really feels like it is meant to punish you.

Swirling and whirring this one feels like it's falling off the tracks as the words hit home and just when it all feels like it's really coming crashing down inside, Side A comes to an end.

The static bursts through like modems.   Starts and stops.  Screeches.  It is the personification of harsh noise, as my neighbors are probably quite upset as I play this through the speakers.   It's so loud, so much in your face and it just won't leave you any personal space.    It feels as if we're changing the frequency now, slightly sharper.

There is this beeping to it, where it just feels like robotics but sometimes it can be drawn out more than those types of sounds and it just seems to smoothly sail on into some distorted bass.   This goes into a sea of noise, a real storm of the century type of feeling with all of the twists and turns to keep you going and not completely drone out until you fall asleep. 

It climbs up just to drop back down.   Some static skips.  This just turns into a raygun type of focused sound now.    There are a few little beeps and then Side B comes to an end.  What I like about this is that on Side A there are words, which might make you think that the music needs them to stand out from similar artists, but then on Side B that is proven to be wrong because it's just as great and has no words.   Definitely something worth giving a listen.

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