Music Review //
Tony Tyrrell
"Another Day"

Through soft tones and non-threatening rock, Tony Tyrrell tells a story through the song "Another Day", both lyrically and visually.   While there aren't too many artists to directly compare this with it just feels like what would happen if you took the rock music of someone such as The Lemonheads and turned it down a little bit, but at the same time you could also take someone such as Simon & Garfunkel and turn them up a little bit.  It has that balance between radio friendly rock and acoustic folk, somewhere perfectly in between.

During the music video, the song tells a story and it can feel like that story is being acted out on screen.  I enjoy this because it's not one of those videos with visuals which leave a lot to the imagination or are just people playing instruments, but rather it feels like an actual scene from a movie (or a mini film in itself) is happening as you watch the main character (who is not the singer) drive in a car away from suburbia and to the beach to make a phone call.   One thing that stands out for me in this video as well- which probably shouldn't- is the cracked phone screen, which just tells you that person has been through some things.

Lyrically, this song has three different layers to it.   The chorus has the line: "Gone / heading towards the sun" which seems to imply in some ways that someone has died.   In that respect, I think we need to all embrace life a little bit more and realize that even though someone else has reached their end of days we still have another day.  At the same time, it could also just be the person driving away from whatever trouble is at home and that is a good thing because it means you have another day to wake up and start things anew, without whatever is in your past that you're leaving behind.

Whether the death is literal or just a part of you that you no longer wish to have, the message remains the same.   Just as the sun sets, it once again rises every day and we should be thankful for the times we can still have going forward.   In many ways this song isn't just about cherishing what little time we have on this planet but also making sure that we live those days as best and as happy as we can.   Throwing caution to the wind and leaving what doesn't make us happy behind us, we will continue to push forward so long as there is another day.


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