Music Review //
Dez Nado
"Flawda Ish"

One of the things which I immediately like about this song is that it puts Florida in a positive light.   I think Florida gets a lot of unnecessary flack because a lot of people use it as a vacation destination but don't live there.   But yet, there are people who live in Florida, who are used to the hurricanes, Florida Man jokes and other cliches, and so it's just nice to see someone pumping an anthem about a state which I think a lot of Americans (and even those outside of this country) just take for granted.

Musically, this song has a lot of influences coming out at once but if you factor them all in together then it begins to make sense.   This has beats and it can be hip hop but it is more on that hip hop side of things than rap.   The words can feel like they're being spoken at times, such as rapping, but there is more singing.  It flows fast and just doesn't feel like a typical rap song but rather more of something in the genre of hip hop.  This song also just happens to feel like it's a lot of fun, which many songs in general don't seem to be these days.

On one hand, I can hear the influence of a summer anthem coming out like when DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince did "Summertime".   There is also just that overall feel good flow of a song such as "Ride Wit Me" by Nelly, which is a bit of the later influence as it came out in the year 2000.  In another throwback comparison within these vocals I also hear a bit of Skee-Lo, who of course had the hit single "I Wish", which either you were alive for and remember or you're too young and you don't.

With lyrics name-dropping Toni Braxton and Danny Tanner, it feels nice to have something to represent Florida in a positive way.   This song by Dez Nado also just embraces that care-free, fun-loving style of hip hop I first fell in love with on cassette in the late 1980's and early 1990's, but in the early 2000's it seemed to fade out.  If this is how it comes back then I'm all for it because whether or not you're from Florida, out of respect and because this song is that good, you should be playing this one all summer long.


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