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Luke Reyvn
"White Lies" (feat. Lil Xxel)

What has always been the standard in life and accepted in society is that telling someone else white lies is okay.   I always remember it being something along the lines of telling someone that their haircut or dress looks good even if you don't think it does is a white lie and it's an acceptable form of lying because it doesn't really hurt anyone and at the same time it saves that time of a fight if you don't really like someone else's hairstyle.   This can make relationships- especially when they're new- messy because they end up with one person telling the other "I've always hated your hairstyle!"

On "White Lies", Luke Reyvn combines the styles of pop and hip hop to create a song that is seemingly upbeat with the beats but lyrically it isn't as quite happy.   Even just having a line about being okay and switching to "No the fuck I am not" should set the mood for this breakup anthem.  But in the chorus, Luke Reyvn decides: "Tell me white lies / I won't run away" and that ties into the whole idea of whether or not white lies are a good thing.   On the surface it might seem like it is better to be lied to than to have to face a breakup- to not be with someone else- but in the long run those white lies can really bring down the whole relationship.  I don't believe in 100% honesty but I believe too many white lies can hurt your relationship for sure.

This music video really interests me because it has this story to it but you have to watch it really closely (or a few times) to figure it out.   If you're focused on the song or just not really paying as close attention then you might have some questions, but when you really figure it out the music video becomes quite meaningful.  Both characters- Luke Reyvn and the woman- spend time driving and going into a convenience store for alcohol.  At the end, while Luke Reyvn is distracted driving you see a flash of bright light and then he has blood coming out of his head.   It just reaches that point where he becomes so consumed by the heartbreak he gets into a car crash.

Lil Xxel comes into this song with lines like "I'd rather drown than be sober" and another line from Luke Reyvn that I really like is "My ex bitch made me so hateful" because it's true that our past relationships can define us so much in future ones, but we should try to take out the positives and not the negative or else we might end up like Luke Reyvn does at the end of this video.  Despite the way that this video ends, I think this song is one of those positive ones where you have to dig yourself out of that hole to better yourself.  This song can be a wake up call for many people and it also can just be a jam at a party this summer.  


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