Baseball Review //
Ocean State Waves, 1
Bristol Blues, 2
June 19th, 2022
Muzzy Field, Bristol, CT

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For Father's Day, we looked over the options for baseball games- from the New Britain Bees and Hartford Yard Goats- and decided that the Bristol Blues had the best deal because, if nothing else, they offered free tickets to fathers.   They also had a catch on the field before the game started where fathers and sons could go out there but Quentin had no interest in that.  It was still nice and felt like in terms of promotions the Blues had the best out of any other team within the Connecticut area.

This game itself was somewhat interesting because the Blues managed to score one run in the first inning and from there the game remained mostly scoreless.   The Blues put up another run in the eighth inning- which it would turn out they needed, as they gave up a run in the ninth.   Everything in between was just a pitching duel... of sorts.   On one hand, you had the pitching of Pete Ostensen who went six innings for the Blues, gave up only one hit, no runs and struck out four.   

At the same time, Nick Payero also pitched six innings for the Waves and only gave up two hits over eight strikeouts, two walks and one run.   It's weird how baseball is, as a game, right?  One pitcher can have double the strikeouts, less walks and only one more hit than the other pitcher, but they still give up one run and lose the game.   In any other game, Nick Payero has a most impressive line after this game. 

But both teams were really just shutting down the offense.   There was even one time when the Waves had someone on first who attempted to steal second and was thrown out.  It's kind of odd to go for second base when you have no outs and are trying to put together one run, because you lose your only baserunner there, and then you're trying to build back up.  But in some ways, I also admire the Waves for going for it- for taking chances.

At some point near the eighth inning the Blues did what was called a "stampede" where they let a whole mess of children (under the age of 12) out of the first base side and they all ran to the third base side.  Quentin did this and stayed near the base path while most of the other kids were on the grass.  By the end, at least one kid went down and took a bunch of other kids with them in comedic fashion.   

This, combined with the food selection, is why Quentin really enjoyed this game.   This game landed the Bristol Blues at a record of 10-2, which all things considered is quite impressive.  It's always a good time to go to the historic Muzzy Field, but to go see a winning team also seems to make it that much better.  While I wish that the Yale players would've been in the game, I'm also left wondering where is B.B.?  

If you have the chance, you should definitely check out a Blues game at Muzzy Field.  This was our first time there this season but I really hope we make it back before the season ends as well.  I'm also going to try and see them on the road since they play two other Connecticut teams.


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