Music Review //
Gavin Fox
"If I Could Survive This"

Gavin Fox brings forth an upbeat sound on "If I Could Survive This" which sets the tone for the lyrics to the song as well.   On some level, this song reminds me of "Roll to Me" by Del Amitri, which I believe to often be a forgotten one hit wonder.   But it's just that idea of being rock coming out of the grunge era with a little bit of pop added in because of the melody.

Artists like Matchbox Twenty and even the Gin Blossoms can come to mind here as this song can move fast when it wants to.  The lyrics focus on, as the song says, "Finding my way through the darkness" and as such I do feel like this song has that sense of positivity- to shine that light.  At the same time I feel like this song has those pop qualities because it wants the listener to be able to relate with it on all levels.

Throughout this song, Gavin Fox opens up about personal struggles but not only going through them but also coming out on the other side.   It's the idea behind the title that "If I Could Survive This" then "You could too".   This sends a good message out into the world because those who suffer from such mental illness as depression often times feel alone and this song can serve as a reminder that you are not alone.