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"Don't Act Surprised"

Through those folk guitar sounds and an overall feeling like you're about to hear a story, Danceland provides a sense of knowing where a relationship is going on their song "Don't Act Surprised".   Throughout life, we all go through breakups in one way or another and it's just easier to accept at some point that there are people who come into your life when you need them but that doesn't mean that they will be around forever.   These people who can help shape you and your views in your 20's might not also be there in your 30's and that's okay- life is like that.

Danceland covers all of the bases you would hope with this somewhat folk somewhat Americana chill rock song.   From artists such as The Wallflowers and Tom Petty to Neil Young and Soul Asylum, I especially hear that "Let Your Dim Light Shine" era of Soul Asylum coming out and that's my favorite time of theirs.   And much like that band with that album, this song by Danceland also tells a story.   I like when folk songs weave little tales because it gives you a distinct sense of accomplishment after listening to it.

The lyrics in this song are important- as the title itself serves as a warning- and so the music video does well by emphasizing that.   The chorus has the lines of: "Don't act surprised when I'm gone / don't be the bad guy in this song" and I really see that more as a "You know how this is ending so don't be upset when it does just that".  There are certainly people who you form relationships with that last a lifetime but I feel like this song is about those relationships you have that you know aren't going to last.

In some ways I think about what it's like to be in high school senior year and you know you're going off to college in a different state than your boyfriend.   Both of you have this unspoken sort of understanding that your lives are both about to go in different directions.  There isn't always an easy way- such as high school to college- to experience that when you're older, but that doesn't stop it from happening.  We should all consider ourselves lucky for Danceland putting a spotlight on this.  


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