Music Review //
Love Crushed Velvet
"The Future"

As soon as this song comes on you can feel that rock n roll energy of Love Crushed Velvet and the music video just makes it feel even more like we are taking a trip into "The Future".  With starts and stops, this song has this grunge way about it but is also pop in an almost glam rock way.  I think of artists such as Flight of the Conchords, Black Crowes and David Bowie.   There are elements of bands from back in the 1980's and even 1990's, but then also somewhat as recent as The Killers perhaps.

Within this song is the lyrical content of wanting to be in the future.   Lines as simple as:  "Wish I could know / how to get there" show that the idea behind the whole song is to travel into the future.   But this is also to be done for our benefit because as the song also says: "We could be beautiful / could be magical".   I like that the idea of living in the future feels like an escape here, as it feels like how some people who live in one country might want to flee to another country (or how those of us who live on east coast USA want to move to west coast USA) but it isn't an actual destination you can physically plan.

This music video is visually stunning.  The way the CGI is crafted makes it look like something out of the future, whether running or showing mountains, and I think that goes along with the theme of the song rather well.  They say that anxiety is worrying about the future but I don't feel like this song is giving off those vibes.   In some ways, this song just feels like "Kokomo" (The Beach Boys) lyrically in that sense of having somewhere to go to get away from it all.  It could also be as bold as to believe that simply by being together tomorrow or an hour from now we are technically in the future.  

But aside from thinking of the future as being a cause for anxiety, a destination vacation or even something which will have happened from the time this review starts until the time this review ends, I can only really now think about this song in the same way that someone would say "I want to spend forever with you".   Inviting someone to live in the future with you just feels like that same idea of "Ten years from now, I still want to be with you" and I kind of think it's neat that I didn't pick up on that right away but eventually figured it out.   That really just makes "The Future" feel like a sneaky love song, which makes me like it even more.


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