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Josh A
"SOBER" (ft. Neffex)

While I can't speak for other countries, we do have a problem in the United States with substance abuse and how people who suffer from it are treated.   In many ways, I feel like substance abuse and mental health go hand in hand in the sense that those who don't know about it can just say "Yeah, but why don't you just stop drinking?"  People who have never dealt with real substance abuse don't know what it's like until they have to and that's kind of sad.  It's not something you want to go through or want to see someone else go through, but at the same time that's one of the only ways for most people to feel any empathy.

"SOBER" is a song where both Josh A and Neffex rap during the verses and the chorus has more of a singing feel to it.   Parts rock, pop and hip hop this song crosses off the usual suspects you would find when trying to compare it with another artist: from Post Malone to Twenty One Pilots.  There is also this guitar riff which ends the song and it makes it feel somewhat dark, somewhat sad and though I do believe this song is ultimately one of hope I like the idea that this does cast a serious shadow over it all.

One of the most difficult things when dealing with addiction is admitting you have a problem.  People don't always see that and by the time that they do it can be too late.   With lines such as  "I let all my friends down" it gives hope that it isn't too late and that something can still be done before too many others are let down.   But ultimately, this song and idea behind it all is best summed up with: "I just want a way out of my darkest days".  I think we all feel that way sometimes, but sometimes those darkest days are because of substance abuse, our mental health, gambling-- whatever that vice is.

Helping people more and treating them better when it comes to substance abuse is such an important issue and I'm glad that Josh A is discussing it on "SOBER".   Substance abuse can lead to such larger issues in this country such as being homeless and even death, so it just feels like one of those things where people should be able to overcome it.  But more than that, there is a stigma in society about it.  People should no longer be looked down upon for having to get help, but rather they should be celebrated that they were able to not let it define them.  This song is the right step in seeing that through.


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