Music Review //
Imen Siar
"Glitter and Gold"

In many ways the song "Glitter and Gold" has the feeling of what the title suggests.  It's upbeat, it stands out and it shines on like a diamond.   Imen Siar has made sure of that, as throughout this video the main character is treated as such.   It really feels like a call back to when music videos were simpler but at the same time the actions within the video seem to feel quite glamorous as they revolve around fashion and makeup.

Musically, "Glitter and Gold" has a great deal of pop to it.  Through synths and smooth beats it makes you want to get up and move.    Though it is not quite as fast paced, it does remind me of the song "I Love It" by Icona Pop.  It's just that overall vibe of being borderline pop and rock, where you're one guitar solo away from really just embracing the rock side but mostly it's just the music which has been defined as pop because it doesn't have that guitar.   Icona Pop is among the best to be associated with in this way.

Lyrically this song sends a message of being you unapologetically.   There is a line: "Up at 3am my brain's turned out / It's hard to talk about it with my mom" and that shows that even those who seem to have it most together can sometimes be struggling.   We all go through it- whether publicly or not- and all you can really do is just go out there and live the best version of your life.  (And if that means staying home and listening to music, then do that!)   Just be bold about it.

This song has undeniable energy.  Though at times the music video can make me think of a Target commercial, I still just feel like the message is there and it shouldn't be ignored.   People often want you to be what they want and some people go through life trying to live to please other people.  But just being yourself, just embracing that and saying "This is who I am, take it or leave it", makes you such a star.  It's not about the clothes or the car you drive but it's just about owning all of that, just accepting it for yourself as you'd want others to accept you.


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