Music Review //
Francisco Martin
"hate you to love myself"

As the music of Francisco Martin on "hate you to love myself" begins with a fast paced tempo, it really kicks in much bigger and louder in the chorus.  On the surface, hearing this song on the radio, it might just be thought of alongside similar artists such as Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco, who can combine both rock and pop.

Lyrically this song is tough and I knew it would be going in just based on the title.  Sometimes we have people in our lives that we don't need because they are not good for us for whatever reason so it becomes this issue of seeing bad in them- even if they aren't bad- just so you can justify cutting them out to help save yourself.  It might seem complicated but it happens more often than you'd think and sometimes life is just complex.

This music video is just a visual of a person sitting and singing the words along with the song but I think it helps put that emphasis on that individual.   One thing about the people who negatively impact our lives is that they can often times feel like a positive influence because you enjoy being around them or talking with them, so it takes that self-reflection and isolation to really come to these conclusions and see them through.

On the surface, in the sense of a radio song, this can just be thought of as that idea of breaking up with someone because you're better off without them.   You can sing along with lines like: "I know I ruined what we started" without really thinking too much about them, but there just comes that time when we have to cut ourselves loose in some form or another and hopefully this song can help you through that.


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