Baseball Review //
Rainbow Graphics, 7
Record-Journal Expos, 0
June 7th, 2022
Ceppa Field, Meriden, CT

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Sometimes baseball just has that way about it where you can see things for the first time still, even after being a fan for your entire life.   When the Rainbow Graphics came to Ceppa Field in Meriden on Tuesday to take on the Record-Journal Expos, I don't think either team expected the game to end like this.    No, it wasn't about the 7-0 score that the Graphics had gained but rather because of a slight rain and it barely being 7:45pm the umpire decided after the fifth inning that the game was over to the liking of no one.  

When this game started it really felt like any other game.  Jason Sullivan was on the mound for the Expos and he started off the first inning with a strikeout.  Some small ball managed to get the Graphics an early 1-0 lead, but then there wasn't any score again until the fourth inning.  During this time, Sam Holley of the Graphics took a walk and then was picked off by Expos catcher AJ Hendrickson.  As Max Adams reached base he apparently was arguing with the umpire about it and then was told to be quiet.

A strikeout made for the second out in the second inning and then <number3> was thrown out at second trying to steal, once again a victim of AJ Hendrickson.  This was the third out of the inning and in some ways it just shows sometimes you have to know when to keep your mouth shut.  The top of the third inning ended with another attempt at stealing going awry for the Graphics followed by two strikeouts.  Sebby Grignano would reach base again for the Expos, but nothing would come of it.

In the top of the fourth inning, Max Adams watches three strikes blow right past him with one out and bases loaded.  Then a run is walked in.  Back to back doubles by Eric Brainard and Tim Hanlon score two runs each, with the inning ending on a strikeout but an impressive five runs being put up by the Rainbow Graphics.   In the top of the fifth inning another run would score for the Graphics on a wild throw, giving them their seventh and final run of the game.  The Expos could string together a few hits here and there, but they just couldn't do it enough to get any runs from it.  

In the bottom of the fifth inning it had started to rain a bit.  Many fans took cover, but I remained standing in it as it wasn't too bad.   As the bottom of the fifth inning came to an end, the umpire simply said "That's it, the game is over" and when asked why he said it was on account of the rain and it getting too dark.  Now, maybe this would fly if this was before the game last Friday but this never should have happened after last Friday.   Last Friday night, as the Expos took on the Jets at Ceppa Field, the game went until almost 8:30pm and it was raining much heavier than what rain fell last night.  

Both teams seemed shocked at this decision and were also slightly offended that the umpires wouldn't even talk it over with the coaches.  For the coaches and umpires to come to an agreement or at least have a discussion would be one thing, but this was a very abrupt end to a game which still had two innings left to play.  With the Expos down seven runs, I'm not saying that they would have come back and won but there is that chance that they could have and now we'll never really know.  

What really got me with all of this happening too was not only did the Expos still want to play but so did the Rainbow Graphics.   It would be easy enough, when up 7-0, to simply say "Yeah, the umps are right, let's go home" but the Rainbow Graphics still wanted to play and their fighting spirit has to be admired for that.   Also shoutout to the umpire who left his water bottle in the stands and had to do the walk of shame to come back and get it before storming off like a child who knew he'd made the wrong decision.

Rainbow Graphics are off to a surprisingly good start.  I remember seasons when the Graphics and Steel wouldn't have a win until they played each other in July.  This was also the first loss for the Expos.  All of this should be a big deal and it should be what everyone takes the most coming out of the game, but instead all anyone will be able to think about is how seriously those umpires took the idea that they were paid by the game and not by the hour.  I realize everything is at the discretion of the umpire but I'd been in worse weather last week so I don't understand how a game can just called without hesitation.

The Record-Journal Expos look to get back on the winning track tomorrow night as they face the Wallingford Cardinals at Pat Wall Field and then their week concludes on Friday as the South Windsor Phillies come to Meriden.   The Graphics, however, are preparing for the Jets on Friday and Colts on Sunday before meeting the Expos again next Tuesday in Manchester.   It will be an interesting rest of the week for both teams before they meet again next Tuesday, hopefully with different umpires.