Music Review //
Sunset Black
"White Trash Wasted" 

One of the best things about listening to music is when you hear a song, like it but cannot compare it with anything else you've heard before.   "White Trash Wasted" is a song by Sunset Black that I struggle to even put into a genre let alone compare with other artists.   If I was working in a record store I would likely put this one somewhere between pop and hip hop, but that still feels like such a blanket statement compared to how things can be put into either of those categories and sound so different.

With the guitars and singing this definitely has those elements where you could put it into pop and almost rock.  At the same time I just know there is an element about this that makes it hip hop, in that same way one might think of Everlast.  Partly because of the title and lyrics being about getting "White Trash Wasted", I also feel like on some level this song reminds me of Uncle Kracker although it does not have those country tones that Uncle Kracker does.  I should also note for the record that I really enjoy this song and, overall, do not care for the music of Uncle Kracker.

Lyrically, this song is a party song.  Based on the title alone, you could probably have figured that out.  But mixed within this sense of getting black out drunk is the line: "I party hard cause I might not make it".   This adds a new level of importance to this song.  Life is something that I feel we often take for granted.   No one is guaranteed tomorrow.  So not only should you party like you might not ever party again, but you should do everything in your life in that same way.   You never really think about what might be your last time until it's too late.

And, on top of all of that, sometimes it isn't even as deep as death.  Sometimes it's just not going to see your favorite band on tour because you're busy and you figure "I'll catch them next time", but then they break up and you never get to see them again.   Take every opportunity, embrace life and we truly do regret the things we didn't do more than the things we did.   You only get one life, live it to your best abilities.  You don't have to get "White Trash Wasted" in the sense of even being drunk: just live your life.