Music Review //
The Skye Bleu Crew
"Doll House"

A certain way in which this guitar is presented right from the start makes me think we are about to go into "All The Young Dudes".  It just has that quality where the song is so well put together, everything just feels so attached and working as one rather than hearing the individual components.   From start to finish it is a song which gets its point across without overstaying its welcome and that should be heard.

There are some sweet guitar parts in this song, which make me think about several different bands but a lot of them are classic rock.   Somehow there are even leanings within this song itself of country music where if the next song went into something closer to The Judds or Reba I wouldn't be that surprised.  In some sort of Sharon Van Etten way this just feels like that crossover between rock n roll and country that the world needs.

Lyrically this song has a chorus line that says: "It started in a doll house and turned into a life with you".  What I've always found kind of strange about life is that when girls are growing up they are made to play with dolls and boys are not- it's part of their gender role.  But the idea of playing with dolls, even by yourself, helps to instill good values between yourself and others.  Children asks questions like "How does that make Ken feel?" But what toys do young boys have that can teach them empathy?

Whether you just want to enjoy this moderately paced song by The Skye Bleu Crew or you want to have deeper conversations about life, this is the type of song which can be placed into a playlist at a party and not completely slow things down but provide a little bit of a break between otherwise faster songs.  It's not quite that fast-rocking type of sound, but it's not as slow as a ballad either and for that it should be listened to more.  


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