Music Review //
Secret Monkey Weekend
"All The Time In The World"


When listening to "All The Time In The World" by Secret Monkey Weekend one of the first things you must consider is the title, which happens to also be the third song.  People always seem to think they have this infinite amount of time but it's actually rather finite.   As the chorus of the titular track states: "All the time in the world / And I give you mine / All of the time" I think less about someone in love with someone else and more about the things in life which we have to do (work, school, eat, sleep) which take up so much time and yet when we're doing them there are just other things we'd rather be doing.

Trying not to focus on wasted time and instead just sitting back and enjoying this music seems to be the way to go though.  Somewhere between The Beatles and Buddy Holly, Secret Monkey Weekend have a sound of rock n roll spliced with psych melodies and a bit of surf at times as well.   This band is also composed of two teenage sisters and their dad, so perhaps it is that factor but I'm also thinking at times of this as being not too much unlike The Partridge Family.  Again though, that might lean more towards the family aspect of the music.

One of the things which I really enjoy about this album is how a song like "Fascist Blood Baby" can have lyrics that ever-so punk rock and yet still that 1950's rock n roll sound.   "Half Moons" is somewhat like Fastball and The Wallflowers- those sorts of bands that became radio friendly after grunge.  "Do the Secret Monkey" is just groovy though, like something out of "Johnny Bravo" or "Scooby Doo" and I'd like to see a music video for it animated in that particular style of Hanna-Barbera.

Sometimes these songs can remind me of Jim Carroll and other times there is a song like "Candy Station" which just sings about different candy being sold at a movie theater.  If there wasn't a movie theater candy version of "People Who Died" out there before, there is now.  Though some of the songs have names as the titles there isn't really a ballad in the sense of a love song on this album either and it is that strength, that energy, which has it standing out from the rest.  


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