Music Review //
Eoghan Moylan
"Dark Disco"


With guitar chords to attract, "Dark Disco" begins with the sound of rock music but can quickly shift into something more as the beats come out.   This song has all the makings of a pop rock classic and it would fit in well on both pop and rock radio stations.  Artists such as Maroon 5, Capitol Cities and Glass Animals come through in a way which this song would fit right in with.

Though it is that point of Spring where we are headed into summer soon, this song also has that way about it that feels like a late night jam.   Being at the "Dark Disco" just makes me think of a club that is after dark and so once you're doing having fun in the sun during the summer time, you would go dance the night away here.

The lyrics deal with not wanting to be alone, which is understandable and a good reason to go out into social situations.   It's funny because even though this is about the "Dark Disco" it's one of those things you don't realize about how some people only really go out and have contact with other people at the grocery store and that sort of idea, so it's nice to have that means of being social if you should want to.

"If you got my back / I'll have yours" are the lines which end this song and that takes the "Dark Disco" to a new place.   Not only is this a care-free dance number that can really get you moving, but it's also about finding that friendship and a sense of community amongst the other people in your scene.   Forging those bonds is, in many ways, what life is about.


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