Music Review //
Aleksandra Takala
"In My Own Time"


The music of Aleksandra Takala is instrumental but it can feel like the soundtrack to a film and overall even without vocals these songs still feel connected and can tell a story.   What begins with acoustic guitar plucks makes me think about "Desperado", though it can also be a bit sensual.   This takes us into a world of magic and a lot of this album will stay there as well.  Even as the second song begins you can hear that flute and get that vibe of being at the RenFair.

Big strings come in with this powerful score.   It's classical, but it's also something else.   On "Helpless to Help" pianos come in to set the tone while "En Tiempo" has more of an X-Files/Stranger Things vibe with hypnotic loops.   A funky drive can be heard in "A Tribute to the People" while "Song of the Redwoods" makes me think even more about this being the soundtrack to a film such as "Lord of the Rings".

"Silva's Ride" has a sleeking way about it while drums bring up more magic in the final song, "Masada Overture", which comes in just over thirteen minutes and feels like the end to the story.  Even within the song titles themselves you can kind of see how this album feels like it's made up of little stories which when played together form one larger story.   While this could be heard in a movie at times I also imagine it being played by an orchestra while actors portray their roles on a stage for a play.

One of the best parts about music is when sound is able to create images for you.   This may or may not be an actual soundtrack but for someone to interpret it as such and create a series of music videos would be neat.  I imagine one video per song and then they would all link together to form a flowing visual.  But even if that part only remains in my mind, the audio on this is quite good and should be heard by anyone interested in taking a similar adventure.  


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