Music Review //
Dave Vamfer
"Tricks of Life Medley"

When listening to Dave Vamfer the first sound you'll really hear come out is the sax.  And during this song there also happens to be a pretty sweet sax solo, so I would say that the song itself feels really heavily influenced by that sax.  There are keys in the background- somewhat like an organ- but that's the thing about "Tricks of Life Medley": there isn't really a guitar or a strong bassline that you can hear.

This makes it difficult to compare this song with anyone else.  So much music is used to being either guitar-based or pop where it has a different sound than this.  Dave Vamfer is creating music which leans heavily on a rock influence but without the use of guitars.  It makes me think of something from a certain period in the 1980's or early 1990's, along the lines of Bruce Springsteen and Huey Lewis though not entirely the same.

One of the first lines you will hear repeated in this song is: "Sometimes you need a little kick to move on" and it is 100% true.  Sometimes you just need to find that motivation to do what needs to be done, to proceed to that next level in your life.  There is also this verse about how sometimes when things are bad you think the next day will be better and that isn't always the case- which plays into the title of the song- and that just also shows that people need to be able to deal with things when they're not going their way.

Whether you use this song as a means to getting over whatever is holding you back or you just enjoy that it doesn't really sound like a lot of other music out there today and yet can fit in with rock music, Dave Vamfer should be on your playlist and in your ears.  It is not only such a unique way to think about life lyrically but a new way of hearing it presented through this music.  


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