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(Counter Records)

The music of Kidswaste is mostly within a genre that might end in -wave, which is why it only feels fitting that this EP is titled "Waves".   With lo-fi beats the sound can start off rather chillwave but as the EP goes on and really begins to gain steam it could be classified as synthwave.  There are a lot of -wave subgenres out there, but ultimately with this energy and borderline pop influence it could be best fit for Kidswaste to be called popwave.

These songs are just completely blissed out.  The first one- which is the titular track- comes with ah's as vocals at first, but then there is actual singing of words put into it.   This entire EP can feel rather uplifting, like we're experiencing it whilst floating around on clouds without a care in the world below us.

Guitars start off "Time is Mine", which features Olivia Reid on vocals.  This song really comes off like a dance party with those elements of pop and it just has such a summer feel to it as well.   "Fall In" has guest vocals by Lizzy Land and this song just feels like a lot of fun, with a lot of synths, and it could just be like a ride in virtual reality.

One of the ways in which this EP works with the title being "Waves" is also the fact that waves can be found in the ocean and this just has the perfect sound to be featured on the beach.  There are these dance elements which make me think about it being at an indoors party, but there is also just something which makes these songs feel so sunny and thus they are best experienced while having fun outside.  


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