Music Review //
"Locked Out"

At first listen, the fast-paced drum machines and synthwave type of pop can sound like The Weeknd, but the more I listen to this song the more I think of it being in that similar punk way that had Machine Gun Kelly making an entire album as well as someone such as KennyHoopla.   It really just has this sound of a distinguished radio song but it also is in a category where there aren't exactly a lot of other songs which sound like this on the radio so it has that working towards its advantage.

The idea behind this song really plays well with the music video and I like that about it even more.  The line "I got locked out of your love again" is one which anyone who has ever been a part of that relationship where that other person just felt so closed off can relate with.   A lot of that also just stems from the idea that if you're not open and honest with yourself then you aren't ready to be with others either.   This is largely demonstrated in the music video as the people remain on the rooftop and in hallways- physically locked out.

One of the lines which is repeated within this song which I really like is: "I really loved you- wow / I fucking hate you now" There is certainly something to be said for the idea of time healing all wounds but it's definitely something you don't always see in the moment.  Right now that pain of love might still feel so real but in time you'll look back and just wonder how and why you ever felt that way.

The magic of the sound which S-X creates with the help of KSI is that this song feels both rebellious and yet has mass appeal at the same time.  It could very easily be heard not only on the Top 40 radio stations but also the modern rock ones.  But, ultimately the video should be on screens and the song should be part of playlists as the getting over you song of the summer.  


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