[Interview # 227] O.K. Company


 1) Is your name more of a place which creates O.K. or people who come over for tea that are O.K.? 

Love this question! The feeling behind the name was definitely the latter, like hey, we're a solid group of folks to spend a little bit of your time with. Not just as people, but the feeling we hope you get from taking in our music too. A bit more "foot in the door" than "door in the face" if you know what I mean.

2) How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

There's definitely a lot of feeling and meaning behind it all, if you're the type to listen for that. As far as the sound goes, we pull inspiration from all over! You may get a soulful bluesy tune one minute and something with a little more twang the next. All told, it's a little soulful, a little sultry, and a lot of fun.

3) What was it like for you to create music during the pandemic? 

It was a lifeline to be able to continue to create new music together, especially with few expectations or deadlines in the air. We were just making music, and we made tons. By the time gigs started popping up again, we had all new music and a somewhat new lineup. So we had the chance to keep creating and really solidify that lineup. 

4) What do you think are the key differences between your music in a live experience versus recording?

The drums aren't compressed live 🙃 And live just feels so good that nobody really cares about your clams here and there. Try as we might to capture that live vibe by recording things all together and punching in as little as possible, our recordings are always going to be missing that feeling of just going for it. On the other hand though, there are some things we can't do live at this stage, like all the harmonies and horns! But hopefully one day…

5) How does it feel now that things are opening up again and live music is coming back?

It almost feels like it did before, but I think we might actually be gigging a little bit more these days than pre-pandemic. It's great to see folks we haven't seen out in a long time. And man is it good to play and watch people dance and hear them sing along. And to find out what other artists have been cooking up these past couple of years too. It's exciting!

6) Do you feel like physical media such as cassettes and records still have a place in music? 

Most definitely. They’ve been on a comeback for sometime now. We dream of printing some of our music on vinyl someday. 

7) With Spotify being so convenient but underpaying artists, what do you feel like are the best ways to support musicians?

Buy tickets to shows even if you can't go! Especially for smaller/local gigs that don't really sell out – just grab a ticket. And of course, listen to their stuff elsewhere if you can, especially if they've got a Bandcamp, SoundCloud, or Patreon situation set up. 

8) What is it like being a musician from Connecticut?

Define from Connecticut, lol. Almost all of us are actually technically transplants, but we've also been here for a good amount of time. It's definitely great being a part of the music community up here though, we have met and gotten to play with so many incredibly talented and cool people. The other local musicians might be the biggest perk of being a part of the music scene here. Lots of love, support, and even collaboration sometimes! 

9) Final thoughts, shout outs, etc... ??

Just thanks for taking an interest in who we are and what we're up to! Shout out to all our moms who think we're really great. And shout out to Josh for getting us a website up and running just last week! Find us over at www.okconhv.com


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