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Ansa GaRangDengZhen (Zen)

This song is really all over the place.   There is this flute and feeling where it could be spiritual, but then it kicks into these beats and feels like it's going to turn into a dance as well.  While this might feel like a good idea on paper, it does so seemingly without thought as to what is happening- one hand doesn't seem to know what the other is doing, as the old saying goes.

The vocals range from one point of being high to another point of being much higher and they just sort of climb.  I'm not sure if this is done with an actual vocal range (I believe it is though) but it makes me think of something being autotuned as well, which is just not how anyone wants to think of anything I suppose.

Near the end this song just becomes something completely different with keys and it feels more like a mashup of several songs than just the one song that it is meant to be.  If Zen were to keep this song inside of one lane- such as a dance number with the beats- it could be rather enjoyable.  But the way in which this is presented makes it feel like snippets of different songs got mixed together on accident.

Even if this song could maintain that low key, spiritual vibe and have it build with keys to create beats, the fact that this vocal range starts off so high and just gets higher is not music to my ears.  I do not have a dog or know anyone who does, but if this was played around dogs I assume they would feel the pain in their ears that I feel when those really high notes are hit.   While this song has components which could make it easier to listen to, the execution just leaves a lot to be desired.


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