Music Review //
Roses & Revolutions
"Brightside of Me"

The music of Roses & Revolutions is quite perfect because though it mostly consists of a voice and acoustic guitar strums it has this pacing where it could be on the radio and keep you moving, where as a lot of what falls into a similar category can sound like a lullaby and would be awkward just coming in through a playlist.  When listening to the radio it can kind of catch you off guard when a ballad comes on- like Green Day's "Time Of Your Life"- and throw off your rhythm, but that wouldn't be a problem with "Brightside of Me".

In a world where it feels like the news is constantly bad because that's what gets clicks, it's refreshing to hear a song about the brightside of anything.   This music video serves as a lyric video but it is nice to be able to watch these words fill the screen as they are coming into the song.  It puts this extra emphasis on them, which certainly could help the listener to not only take in the harmonies of the music but the power of the words themselves.

One line which particularly stands out for me is: "It's a brand new day".  For most of my life, whenever I was physically sick I always had the mentality of just sleeping it off.  It's that idea of "I feel this way now, but if I go to sleep then when I wake up I won't feel this way anymore".  It's funny how it took me so long in life to apply that with emotional situations as well.  Today might not have gone as planned, but you go to sleep, hit that reset button and try to make tomorrow a better day.  And even if tomorrow isn't better, an eventual tomorrow will be.

During the chorus of "Brightside of Me", Roses & Revolutions has this sound which is like a bang but I think of it as a door closing.  This has a significance to the song because a lot of that going forward in a positive manner that this song feels like it has strong vibes of can be seen by closing that door on your past, closing that door on the negative things in your life.  It's comforting to not only hear a song celebrating oneself but also for it to be somewhat of a guide to help us do so.  


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