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SJ Talbot

SJ Talbot takes us into a world of bad relationships on "Millisecond".   The mostly pop song has two vocalists and though it can be possibly seen as a good thing, as lyrics come out such as "If you call again / I'll be there in a millisecond" ultimately it feels as if this isn't loyalty as much as it might be a spell someone has over you and thus the relationship becomes toxic.  

One of the things which doesn't seem to get discussed enough when dealing with love is that there is a fine line between doing something because you love someone and doing something because you think you love someone.  SJ Talbot touches upon that notion here and while this is the type of song which can not only be on the radio but that people would use in social media videos to show their allegiance to others, some of that negativity must also be examined.

Musically this song is just a lot of fun.  It goes like a smooth drive or a carnival ride that isn't scary but is just a lot of fun to be on.   SJ Talbot has created a sound which needs to be heard on the radio or just by the masses in general because it has that mainstream potential, especially when so many songs seem to sound the same these days, "Millisecond" has a great way of standing out.

No one really needs to think (or overthink) about these lyrics as much as I do.  Put this song in a video and share it to your friends and followers.  Make it about your significant other, your child, your dog, your cat, your favorite family member, etc.  Let it play at a party and give other people the same idea.   Embrace that positivity and just have a good time with this one.  


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