Music Review //
Ava Della Pietra
"my boyfriend"

The pop-driven song "my boyfriend" by Ava Della Pietra has an easy way of listening to the  music while at the same time telling a story about relationships.  While it could be taken from the title that the song is about a present relationship, such as with lyrics about the qualities of a current boyfriend, the way the overall song vibes is with lyrics about wanting someone to be your boyfriend and just having those thoughts of relationships.

Opening with the line "For the first time in my life I want a boyfriend" really sets the tone as this is a song which can be thought about not only by someone who is young and starting out in that world of dating but also for someone who is older and is either getting back into dating for whatever reason or just perhaps is nostalgic for those days and can see this in that way of being compared with when we were younger and inexperienced with love.

When listening to this song, I think about how when I was younger I'd really just get into a relationship and date someone simply if they liked me.  It was that easy.  But now that I'm older, I have that mentality of "You like me? Why? Something must be wrong with you".   I think we need more of that harsh judgment in our youth but also more of the carefree style in our older years, so finding that balance is what it's really all about with dating.  Maybe this song can inspire that in some people who are out there looking for love.

Through powerful vocals which at times can be layered, "my boyfriend" ends with the line: "Truth or truth do you like me / Dare or dare would you kiss me now".  This seems only fitting for not only the direct intent of the song but the way that I can view it as being older because when you're in those younger years playing Truth or Dare is very common, but it also happens to be a game which can stick with you as you're older but you play it a little bit differently.  Ava Della Pietra might not have planned on bridging the gap between dating in your youth and later in life, but it has happened here.


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