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Limitless Wrestling
Prized Possession
Yarmouth, ME


Following the previous night spent at NCW's WrestleFest XVI, Jess, Quentin and I left Dedham, MA to make the drive to our hotel in Portland, ME.    We went through New Hampshire and while both New Hampshire and Maine had welcome centers we passed them both after midnight and Quentin was sleeping so we couldn't stop.  They also proved to be not in the driving path on the way back.   When we got to the hotel we went right to sleep and then woke up somewhat earlier than we probably should have on Saturday morning.

Both Quentin and I had never been to Maine before, so not only was it our first time seeing professional wrestling live in Maine it was our first time in the state in general.   All I really know about Maine is they like lobsters and moose.  After breakfast on Saturday morning I grabbed this visitor's guide to Portland from the hotel lobby and began flipping through it.    The first page had an advertisement for Len Libby, which is a chocolatier in Maine that also happens to be home to a moose named Lenny who is life size and made of chocolate.  This was something I knew we had to do while in Maine so we eventually made the drive over because it was only about ten minutes away.

After a trip to Market Basket we spent the rest of the day relaxing in the hotel, Quentin with Spongebob on the television the whole time it seemed.   Going to the venue in Yarmouth wasn't more than twenty minutes away and when we got there and were standing outside in line it felt like a number of different shows (mostly Chaotic) that we had been to in MA.   Once we got in though, the venue was nice and it made me feel like this was an entire experience: not just seeing the wrestlers, the matches and the promotion name but also just being in this venue itself had significance.  

When we ordered our tickets online for Prized Possession, they came in the mail a little while before the show.   As the line was formed outside waiting to go in, someone from Limitless was walking around and if you already had your tickets then your ticket got stamped and so did your hand.   This was a nice little touch that more promotions could make because it really sped up the line when the time came and everyone began moving inside.   

One thing I need to say about Limitless Wrestling, going into this show, is that in most of the matches there was a clear cut person to cheer for and there was a clear cut person to boo.  I got into some Twitter beef with someone (who is now muted) that said they wish there were more face vs heel feuds in wrestling and I told them perhaps they just weren't looking hard enough.  Oh well.  The only match which might have been split going into it was the main event- Anthony Greene vs Alec Price- as AG seems like he's on the verge of turning heel and Alec Price does get cheered a bit in Limitless.

While outside waiting in line, it was interesting to hear the fine folk of Maine discussing the show.  One fan was talking about how much they didn't like Alec Price (and they actually called him "Alex Price") while another said that they didn't like the look of AG and they hoped Alec Price would send him back to AEW.   Why going onto national television is an insult or bad thing I do not know, but the crowd really did have their whole devotion into one of the two wrestlers in the main event and it was refreshing to see such passion amongst them.

We picked seats and didn't realize we'd be right behind a fan with a sign that simply said "You Suck".   This was held up during pretty much every match, which was annoying because I couldn't see but at the same time now when I see photos and video clips on Twitter from the show I can spot where I am if I can see the sign so it kind of worked out in some weird way.   The fans in Limitless were also a bit wild and it was a lot of fun watching them interact with the wrestlers, as they likely do every month.

Deciding to go to Limitless Wrestling and this show was an easy choice simply because of the main event.  We had wanted to go to Limitless Wrestling for a bit now but I didn't think it would happen until next Spring/Summer.   However, when we were talking with Alec Price about it before his match with JT Dunn we told him that if he defeated JT Dunn and challenged AG for the title then we would make the trip to see that match.   And he did.  So we did.  And it was very much worth it all around.

It's the little things about Limitless that make it so much fun, even when you go for the main event and feel like everything else is just icing on the cake.   Seeing wrestlers like Anthony Henry, Jake Something and Big Beef on television and then finally being able to see them wrestle in person was so much fun.   It's crazy to think how Anthony Henry was just in WWE, Jake Something is in Impact and Big Beef just signed with MLW.   Limitless really is pulling in the best from all the various television promotions.

But then we also got to see wrestlers like Kevin Blackwood, Waves and Curls, B3CCA and MSP again.    If you look at the cards between this show and the NCW show the night before there was a bit of crossover and that just made it so much better, seeing your favorites wrestle two nights in a row.  This was also only my second time seeing Jigsaw live (despite being a huge fan of his in the early '00's) and we don't really see Charles Mason a lot but I always enjoy booing his creepy ass.

Speaking of Charles Mason, there exists these characters within Limitless (such as Charles Mason) who are just clear heels.   And then they have stories with guys like Big Beef who are just cheered.   I will admit that for the most part this remains consistent throughout New England (wherever you go, JT Dunn gets booed) however the one thing that is alternate universe type here is Brad Cashew being a heel.  Granted, Brad Cashew is a heel in NCW as well, but he is cheered in Chaotic Wrestling and when we saw him in Lucky Pro Wrestling we cheered him as well.  That took a little getting used to, but being able to play both roles just shows what kind of a wrestler Brad Cashew is.

While this was a solid card and you wouldn't expect anything less from Limitless (there were no filler matches or matches with wrestlers in them that I didn't really care about, which does happen sometimes) the main event was really just worth the price of admission and the drive.  That match- regardless of the outcome- has to be on everyone's best matches of 2021 list because Alec Price and Anthony Greene just both left it all in the ring.   Seeing Alec Price win the title as well just made the experience that much more special overall.

I love professional wrestling and I think that for not only me but for Quentin and Jess as well it is fun to use it as a way to explore the country.  Going to the wrestling show itself might be the main goal, yes, but the journey there and back, getting to see the local attractions (shout out to Lenny) and all of that just makes it even more meaningful.  I'm trying to see professional wrestling live in every state eventually but even if you aren't as crazy as I am about all of this, if you are a fan of professional wrestling and you see a Limitless Wrestling card that speaks to you, and you wonder whether the drive or flight is worth it, I am here to tell you that it 100% will be.  I used to think that it was, now I know that it is.  


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