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Mia Yermeche

Upon pressing play on this song I immediately impressed with how much "Comfortable" can remind me of other songs I've heard on the radio but not in an overdone way and not in too specific of a way either.  The sounds of smooth R&B, keys with harmonies and just overall feeling good make me think of artists such as Corinne Bailey Rae and Nelly Furtado.   While I'm happy that I could at least place these two points of reference, it also makes me a little bit sad that there aren't more names and songs which come right to my mind as I feel like this style of music is just not heard enough on the radio or in general.

The chorus of "Comfortable" has Mia Yermeche singing: "Don't get too comfortable / Until you know for sure" and I think that's something which not too many other artists have touched upon over the years.   So many times, when musicians bring about love songs they tend to focus on that idea of "I'm in love and I'm so happy and it's so great" but they fail to tell you how long the people in the relationship have known each other.   To some extent (even if unintentionally) I do believe this has created a society where we rush into things.

In a personal way, I think this song also just hits because of the way that my mind works and how long I can take to make important decisions.  If your car is running out of gas, by all means get gas and don't feel like it's a decision you must think on for some time.   But whenever I make a big purchase (a new laptop, for example) I always tend to think about it for a while, weigh my options and see what the prices are- shop around in that sense.  While I do feel like this song is directly about love and relationships I do feel like people also tend to rush into things such as buying the latest iPhone and perhaps we should take more time with that as well.

Aside from reading further into these lyrics than perhaps one should, this still remains the type of song that you can put on at a party or really in any situation and everyone around should enjoy it.   In some ways, this song makes me think of riding a carousel and it just has that vibe because what's so bad about going around in a circle- I don't see a reason why anyone wouldn't want to do it and I don't see why anyone wouldn't want to listen to this song.    We also really happen to need more artists like Mia Yermeche on the radio so if "Comfortable" starts a revolution I'm on board.  


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