Music Review //
"Into Ashes"

The sounds of Madyx begin with keys but can kick into beats when it gets heavier.  This reminds me a bit of Nicki Minaj and there is a certain style which goes with this sound but it isn't heard a lot.    Somewhere between the pop music of the 1980's / 1990's (think Cyndi Lauper) and the radio friendly soul/R&B music of current (think P!nk) is where you'll find Madyx.  "Into Ashes" feels as much like Madonna as it does Whitney Houston; it is as much Lady Gaga as it is Katy Perry.

There are two different ways in which I like to think about this song lyrically and both of them have to do with growth.  On one hand, you could take this song at face value with the idea of everything burning into ashes, as the chorus states, and just imagine it as something such as a relationship going down in flames.   It that sense it signifies the end and can be used as a good soundtrack to a break up or something similar, a musical way of putting all of your ex's belongings into a bin and setting them on fire.

But there is also this line about how when it burns into ashes whether or not the words you said will still be the same.  To really listen to this song and examine it (perhaps a bit too much) is to think about it in the sense of sticking through a relationship with someone when times get tough.  It's one of those ideas that life throws obstacles in your way and bad things happen so are you going to be the type of person to run in the face of adversity or will you stay by the other person's side.    This also means that the relationship could turn into ashes if someone isn't willing to stick by the other.

Whether you want to think of this as a song about a conclusion or a turning point in a relationship, the fact is that it remains a solid song worth listening to because of the harmony and how it can present itself as other sounds without actually sounding directly like anything else.  It's also, as always, important to know that just because you might not have gone through something of this nature lately, you probably have at some point in your life and so having this song serve some sort of closure for that is also highly beneficial.  


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