Friday, November 19, 2021

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Sheri Miller
"Waking Up To This Miracle Life"

If you got in on the ground floor and are familiar with the single "Gold Hearted Man", which Sheri Miller released prior to this album, then you'll be in good company as that song happens to open up this album which should make you feel rather welcomed and right at home.   With those dark acoustics, Sheri Miller channels the likes of Blondie, Heart, Fleetwood Mac and just hits all of the right notes.   These songs are inspirational in the way which I imagine a gospel album would be but it doesn't sound how I think of gospel music.

The second song is called "Waking Up To This Miracle Life", which also happens to be the title of the EP, and big piano keys make me think of 10,000 Maniacs.   During the pandemic last year, when everything got shut down, my dad- who is 70 years old- said to me that he had never seen anything like that in his lifetime.   Between that and just the every day occurrences which seem to becoming more often, it really is a miracle every day that we wake up and get to experience this life, regardless of what we do sometimes it's enough just to be breathing.

"Born To Love" is a ballad which can grow big at times and it somehow reminds me of fun.   "Joyful Love" is also a huge sound which reminds me of Adele.   When we get into "Everybody Feels This Way Sometimes" though the lyrics come back to remind us of what the title says.  Sometimes we might feel like we're not good enough or that the world is against us- that nobody cares about us.  We all feel that way sometimes and it isn't true so this song serves as a good mental health check to make sure you know that you are not alone.

This album has the unique quality of serving as both an EP and an LP at the same time.   This is because there are six songs which are presented in their original form.   After that, we have several radio edits (which feel like remixes) that help to round it out as an LP.   Listening to an album where you hear the same song more than once- but in different ways- might not appeal to everyone, but for how powerful these songs are and how much you need to hold their messages close like a mantra, listening to them on repeat is definitely recommended.  

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