Music Review //
TANUKI project
"Adamant _ CHAPTER#01" //

TANUKI project has that electronic sound which can be found somewhere between the past and the present, which in turn helps them propel into the future.    Throughout these four songs I began thinking about the history of electronic music and when it first originated because there only seems to be so far back I go when comparing artists.   TANUKI project seems to touch upon all of the bases of the past while also creating something new.

Static slip beats and electronic begin the album and it can make me think right away of Ladytron.   This goes into big bass on the second song, which makes me think of both Polly Scattergood and Poppy.  There is also an aspect of these songs which can make me think of Flora Cash, which is definitely one of the more modern influences that I hear.   "Stone" is a song with big beats that almost has a '90's feel to it and I'm digging the PJ Harvey vibe.   

Each of these four songs has only a one word title and each of those words can be found within the song itself.  "Slow", for example, has the line: "Nice and slow we're building a castle" while "Stone" asks: "Is it set in stone?"  Though "Hope" is the theme of the last song I'm particularly a fan of the lines: "Once you taste all the blood / You've never had enough" as it is about a different type of hope.

Though the music itself can carry over similarities from song to song so that the artist is never mistaken, there is this somewhat hidden, deeper meaning within these lyrics that you can find to paint this album together as one larger picture and connect the songs that way as well.  On their own, each song is really well done and unlike anything else out there right but within the context of each other they become even more impressive and impossible to replicate.  


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