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Sahara Beck

Pulsating bass brings this song to life.   There is just such a fun pop dance way about listening to "Kryptonite" that makes me feel like everyone should be listening to it at some point because it can provide you with some energy, with some enthusiasm, whether you are working out or just doing chores.   This is a fast paced song to get your blood flowing and even if you aren't doing anything else you could use it simply to dance.

Listening to the lyrics on "Kryptonite" and it becomes pretty aware that this song is about your vices.   It isn't just about the vices though as it is about knowing your vices but continuing them anyway, evidenced by how the lyrics begin with talking about knowing that you shouldn't smoke but doing it anyway.  I do feel like this distinction is important because people do have certain vices which they don't understand to be vices.  

I often think of that idea of "If you don't know who the annoying person in your office is, then it's probably you".  If you don't think you have vices, you probably are just unaware of them.  Vices are such a strange thing though because they can be something as simple as biting your fingernails but then they can also be something more serious like drugs.  So it is important in that way to be able to think about what things you do but aren't good for you and how to eliminate those things from your life to be healthier and ultimately happier.

Sahara Beck has also crafted her own style of pop dance music with this song, as it reminds me of Icona Pop but specifically their song "I Love It".   The first time I heard "I Love It" (and for quite some time after) I was never quite sure who the artist was and I always thought it was Iggy Azalea but also it reminded me of Gwen Stefani in her solo days.   So just to think about the sound of that song compared with this song just makes "Kryptonite" that much more familiar but also brand new.


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