Music Review //
George Diaz
"High Rise"
(De Angelis Records)

Whenever I listen to a single I often consider whether or not it would be played on the radio, but I feel like most songs which are released as singles are done so because they have a certain radio appeal to them.   If you're creating an album of ten or more songs, then you are less likely to release one of those songs that feels like it won't appeal to as many people as a single.   What I love about what George Diaz has created on "High Rise" is that this song could literally be on just about any radio station out there, crossing over some folk with pop.   Here in CT, we have Radio 104 (the alternative station) and stations like 96.5 which play pop songs but also dabble in the rock.

There aren't really a lot of artists to compare George Diaz with as this song takes on that folk pop style which hasn't really been in the mainstream.  Elements of this sound can be best found in an artist such as Milky Chance, although I then begin to feel like George Diaz has some connection with artists such as Mumford & Sons, Of Monsters and Men and those sorts of folk radio friendly artists.   Really though, this is a song which you can play just about anywhere and I don't feel like anyone would be offended by it (as sometimes music such as hip hop or metal can offend) and I also feel like it would just become universally liked.

While listening to the lyrics, you will hear the chorus of: "There's a boy in a high rise / calling out for a life line / turn a blind eye" and while I hear other lines which make me think this song is about someone growing older I also feel like because of the way this says to turn a blind eye it's about not helping others in need.   Even though it feels like we're all going through our own problems in life at any given time, sometimes we just need to put those on pause to recognize that there are people out there who have it worse and we should try and help them if we can.  

Whether you feel like you're in a position to help or not, sometimes just smiling at a stranger can make their day better.  And perhaps instead of feeling like you're actively going out of your way to help someone maybe you just need to actively go out of your way not to try and hurt someone else.  Regardless, we can all help to brighten the day of someone else by having them listen to this song and if you're not inspired to donate time or money to charity at least take the time to pay this song forward.  


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