Music Review //
"Drifting Apart"

One of the best qualities which I find to be within music is when an artist can take a sound, put it into a song and then have that sound represent what the song is also about in terms of the lyrics.   There are sounds which would arguably not work with the title of this song, as I picture "Drifting Apart" as being like one big iceburg breaking and becoming two, then floating away in opposite directions in the water.

With hints of Twenty One Pilots, "Drifting Apart" begins with some keys and somewhat quietly.   When it does kick in though, it comes with huge beats that just hit like someone is stomping on the ground.  This very much has that feeling of being on an iceburg with another person, they're stomping and the ice breaks into two and you're off in opposite directions.  While I understand that the song can be about drifting apart in an emotional sense (such as a relationship, friendship, etc) the iceburg idea can also just be symbolic and not literal.

An aspect of storytelling in a song which I feel is vital comes when there is a resolution or some type of final feeling within the words.  Yes, you are drifting apart but is that a good thing or a bad thing?  If it was a bad thing I would perhaps look to the song for some advice on how to remedy it, but the song seems like this is okay as it is just part of life and these two people will still be a part of each other's lives even if they are no longer in contact with each other.

All forms of art but especially music seem to focus on heartbreak and loss.  While those are very real, I think there also needs to be something said about how sometimes people just come and go from your life through no fault of either person but just because even if they don't move in a physical sense they can move in an emotional sense.  Illumen brings that up here and rather than spending time stressing or feeling hurt it might be time to start thinking about as just a real part of life.  


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