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Chaotic Wrestling
The Balance Of Power
@ Watertown Sons Of Italy, Watertown, MA


The second show during the month of October saw Chaotic Wrestling at a Sons Of Italy in Watertown, MA.  Interestingly enough there was also a skating rink right nearby so this felt like a nice little town, even if the directions took us through what felt like way too many backroads to try and get there.   The drive was smooth and when we arrived there was an area to wait inside as well as bathrooms outside of the venue so we didn't have to wait to use those either!

Davienne opened the show saying she wanted to face Mike Verna and she wanted to face him now.   This lead to the match which was really good and in a few spots it looked like Mike Verna might win but Davienne powered through and somehow out-stronged the strong guy.   The crowd was fully behind Davienne and really against Verna since he joined The Unit.   Davienne said with this win she's done with The Unit and let's hope that remains true.

The B3CCA-BRATION was up next and what was exciting about this match to me was that it gave us a chance to see some of the younger wrestlers who you might not always see.  Yes, you knew certain wrestlers weren't going to win and it was more likely someone like Love, Doug would win but that didn't make it any less fun.   At one point, Ace Romero dumped a wrestler onto a bunch of other wrestlers right in front of us and it made for such a cool visual.   It was nice to see Anthony Greene win because it wasn't someone from The Unit and you just knew his match with Becca was going to be something special.

Next up was Alec Price vs Mortar which you knew going into it was going to be a tough battle.  Both men put up a hell of a fight and by the end of it fans were wondering what one would have to do to defeat the other.   Several times it really felt like it was over and Alec Price got a huge win here because of the effort put into it.

Dirty Dango was out next to take on Ricky Smokes and somehow Ricky Smokes won this match and earned a shot at the New England Championship but I really think that Brad Cashew vs Ricky Smokes is going to be something special.   When the match was outside the ring at one point they were right in front of us and Dango said something like "You awake?" and I looked over and Quentin was sleeping.   To be fair, it's the only match he fell asleep during so take that for what it's worth.

During intermission Quentin and I went over to the merch tables.  Someone was talking with Alisha Edwards but Eddie Edwards saw us and greeted us.  A few tables down was The Unit and JT Dunn stood up on a chair and told everyone to come take the pledge.  I told him no rather loudly so he started talking back to me, which lead to me telling him to sit down and shut up.   When Eddie Edwards is across the table from me I can be rather brave.

After intermission we came back to Becca defending the Pan Optic Championship against Anthony Greene.   I wasn't sure what match would headline this show but at this point it became even more clear that it would be the triple threat match.  While Becca was not dressed as colorful as usual she was still cheered during her match.  Anthony Greene also made it known during the match that this was the only title he hasn't won in Chaotic and that made it even more interesting.  At one point, AG swung Becca by the legs on the outside head first into the steel guardrail and that had to hurt.

One aspect of this match between Becca and Anthony Greene that needs to be talked about more is how many wrestlers are in Chaotic that feel like they're just on the verge of doing something to get the opposite crowd reaction.   Both Becca and AG could be one move away from turning heel, though AG was defending Love, Doug during the B3CCA-BRATION match.  And yet someone like Ace Romero could easily be cheered by the crowd by simply turning on The Unit, should Ace Romero some day soon decide he wants to go it alone.   

Displaying just how many women were on this show we went into a tag team match next with Shannon LeVangie and Alisha Edwards taking on Ava Everett and Paris Van Dale.  On the topic of just how easily someone can turn, Alisha Edwards has been booed recently but after a display of respect with Becca and now coming to help Shannon LeVangie the crowd was firmly on her side.   Alisha Edwards vs Ava Everett is a match that tells a story which I could watch unfold once a week.  Ava Everett seemingly abandoned Paris Van Dale during this match, giving Shannon LeVangie and Alisha Edwards the win and now we might be getting closer to a Ava Everett vs Paris Van Dale match as well.

The main event saw Brad Cashew successfully defend the New England Championship against both Eddie Edwards and JT Dunn.   This match was great because of how much Brad Cashew and Eddie Edwards teamed up against JT Dunn.   I haven't seen the Revolver show which happened the day after this yet but I can only assume that JT Dunn's chest was still red.   This is one of those matches you have to go out of your way to see but that can be said for a lot of Eddie Edwards matches as well as the title defenses of Brad Cashew.

Following this match The Unit came out and called out Chase Del Monte.   Though it seemed like Chase Del Monte was on his own, both Adam Booker and Dirty Dango made their way through the crowd to join him in the ring, as did Eddie Edwards who was outside the ring the entire time.  This set up a match which at the time was 5 on 4 with The Unit having one more member than Team Chaotic.   This not only creates a great match for the next show,  but it leaves open the question of who the fifth person will be and whether or not it will be known before the next show.

On one hand, we know that both Brad Cashew and Davienne have title defenses at Breaking Point, against Ricky Smokes and JD Drake respectfully, but someone such as Love, Doug (who has been trying to rid Chaotic of The Unit for too long now) or even Brian Milonas, the Kingpin of Chaotic, feel like they could be right for the job.   But someone outside of the company might even come in- someone like Davey Richards, to unite the Wolves, for example.   This just makes the next Chaotic Wrestling show can't miss and it gives every fight that big fight feel.  


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