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"Emotionally Unavailable"

When the song "Emotionally Unavailable" first begins, you'll notice this sort of light tone to it where the music never gets too fast or kicks in too heavy and that remains throughout the entire song.  In some ways, it just feels like floating around on clouds.   But there is this heavier side to the song, if only through the lyrics and the context of it, as if I had to pick one artist to compare this with it would be Evanescence.

Starting off with lines like "I'm just a little dead inside", SAIPHE has filled this song with a lot of words and they can lead to quite a bit of thinking.   The idea of being emotionally unavailable, as the title suggests, can stem from a number of different reasons.  Sometimes people shut out other people because they are still connected to someone else.   Other times people are just disconnected overall and as SAIPHE states within the song it just feels like you're empty inside.  Neither of these is really better than the other though.

Perhaps the most difficult part of being emotionally unavailable is that you're going through your life at that time and through the world without actually fully experiencing it.  Once you realize this, you're going to look back and think about how much different things could have been- how you could have perhaps felt them more or differently- if you weren't so closed up.  But, I also completely understand why people will shut their emotions down to make life easier in ways but at the same time not.

While I feel like "Emotionally Unavailable" is in a style by SAIPHE which is easy on the ears, and for all intents and purposes this could be a pop song, I also feel like the lyrics are a bit heavy and therefore it might not be something which you hear on the radio.   This is the type of song which you really have to be in the proper mindset to hear because you also just have to be in that way where you recognize that you are also emotionally unavailable and want to change.  This song cannot lead you to that decision- only you can do that- but once you're there, it can help guide you beyond.  


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