Record Review //

This record opens with a song which sounds like it could be the theme from a snakecharmer.   The percussion just plays along in this rhythm which can be hypnotic and at one point you can feel the magic come through in bursts of synth that just feels so winding and twisting.    This can also remind me a bit of "Doctor Who" as well as Phantoms vs Fire.

The titular track opens up like a martial arts film but then quickly becomes this dancing drive.   It's odd to think of in words without hearing the sounds, but it's like if you took one of those old kung fu films from the 1970's and combined that soundtrack with something such as "Knight Rider" and just let it flow.   Computer-like beeping now brings out some softer electronics with a slower synthwave vibe on "Maid".   The way it just slithers and shakes makes me think of a snake still.

As I'm beginning to think of this as being some video game soundtrack to Indiana Jones, "World Out Of Balance" comes on and shifts my thoughts towards something a little bit lighter.   As the rays shine brighter you can begin to hear the waves, like the ocean crashing.   "Triangle Eyes" has this clicking which makes me think we're glitching and then the tones come in like church.   Slowly they spread out across the sky.   "Do You Like Our Owl" slowly builds into something which reminds me of The Undertaker.

"Adamantine" begins with these great key tones that have this percussion behind them.   It's somehow an electronic primal scene which makes me feel like we're deep inside a jungle somewhere but there's this secret party happening which somehow has electricity.    It feels a little bit haunted now but just also grows into something so huge, such a sound, and I'm in love with it.   This would be a great song to listen to while running up a hill.

Video game tones now are joined by percussion.   It almost sounds like a timer counting down as we're running out of time.   This one just sings- "Tao Tie"- and it makes me think so much about dancing.   "Greedy Shopper" has this video game way about it and I feel like we're some kind of detective, in a scenario which plays out in my head due to the title where we are catching a shoplifter.   A long almost dramatic synth based song finishes up this record which is a true journey through space and sound that everyone should experience.


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