Music Review //
Bone Cult
"Death Electronica" //

When I was in grade school we took a class trip to Washington D.C. and one of my friends who was in the same room as me had a Discman with a book of CDs and one of those CDs was Front 242.    This was not quite yet a time when Nine Inch Nails had become a household name, but once NIN did take off like that I always thought we'd have that industrial revolution which in some ways did come but just not as big and loud as I had hoped.

Heavy static brings about huge beats which remind me quite a bit of The Prodigy.   There is both metal and industrial in here, as it could be something from the "Resident Evil" soundtrack.   I'm reminded of bands who existed once but don't any longer (as far as I know) and sort of peaked with that one song everyone knows them for but I wish they still were making music.   Artists like Orgy and Gravity Kills are a few of the names I can drop.

"Tyrant" just has this build to it and that is the electronic side of this coming through strongly.   If you take away some of the pieces and just isolate even the beats you could hear the electronic vibes in here that cause it to go up and down, dance and rest.   There is a lot of energy within the melody and I feel like if stripped away you could put this music into a genre with someone like Drvg Cvltvre or Takahiro Mukai. 

On a song such as "Grief Club" I can really be reminded of Stabbing Westward- who I always seem to go to in musical times such as this- and that also makes me think about how Stabbing Westward put out a new EP earlier this year.  In a world where this electronic metal didn't drop off as hard as it did but rather grew and artists like KMFDM and Pitchshifter took over the mainstream of music.   In that timeline, I imagine an artist like Bone Cult touring with Stabbing Westward and it would be heavy and it would be loud. 


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