Music Review //
Honey Cutt
(Kanine Records)

This dreampop album opens with a song called "Vacation", a reminder perhaps that most of the world is currently on a vacation of sorts.    Though, in this context, the song is more about being on a vacation from all of the nice guys and being on a hiatus from all the guys that mean well, but still, with social distancing in place you still can't be around them so my theory somewhat stands.   The drums shine on the second song in that Buddy Holly way.   In ways, such as on "Suburban Dream", I am also reminded of an artist such as Slothrust.

"Fashion School" has these beats which make me think of new wave and that is only enhanced by these lyrics, as I imagine this being a song based on a movie from the 1980's or early 1990's (somewhere between "Police Academy" and "Back to School").    "Judas Waltz" sings the chorus of "Time doesn't matter when you're in love" and I fully agree with that.   "It's like we're dancing / Except you're angry / And I'm crying / On the bed" is one of my favorite images in this entire album as well.

The titular track brings out these great organs and such great energy with it.    "All I Have" has these darker guitar sounds which remind me of Nirvana but the chorus is still so blissed out.   Into "Gentleness" I'm just hypnotized by the drumming.    From those modern sounds to the blast from the past of an artist like Concrete Blonde, Honey Cutt just hits all the right notes when it comes to music I enjoy listening to.   To say this album is easy on the ears might be an understatement, but if you're having trouble getting into this one I'm not sure I can help you.

While I understand that this might be rather specific to me, I feel like listening to this album just takes me through this journey of wanting to leave something behind.   Granted, I feel like with the lyrics that can imply a someone instead of a something- such as another person- but I really feel like for me this is about wanting to leave the past behind and who I was (and who I no longer am).  These songs have really helped me work through that and ending on "Love Me, Still" leaves me with a certain amount of hope for a brighter future.


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