Music Review //
Lauren Waller
"Night Stalker"

There should exist a formula to making good music (if it does not exist already) in which you combine parts of the past with parts of the present thus forging ahead into the future.   Lauren Waller has a sound on "Night Stalker" which makes me think of synth-based sounds I listened to on cassette as a kid- artists such as Human League and NKOTB.   There was also this time in the early '00's when I would listen to artists such as The Wanted (remember that "Glad You Came" song?) and I feel like along with those sorts of smooth grooves you can find your way into the present with this one.

Lyrically, this song is about what the title suggests and I must give that shout out to Kojak.    "Lipstick forms to a pout" might be one of the most pleasing lines of words ever formed and at this point I start to think of this as being a situation where someone might leave a club (or similar situation) and only to be hit on by a bunch of terrible guys.    There is some kind of theory about how men try to prey on women who are leaving the scene alone because they might be desperate or drunk and that type of behavior does need to stop, so I do enjoy that this could be calling that out on some level.

As we go into a bridge about going down a rabbithole, the bass just kicks in heavy and I'm pleased with the train of thought of lyrics before it because I'm all for everything "Alice In Wonderland" related.   It has that dark, sort of twisted feeling to it, which inside of a pop song is quite fun and devilish.   This has a great beat which you can dance to, but I also just think in my mind while I hear this about that "Calling All The Monsters" music video, as this feels like a grown up version of that and perhaps in a "leaving the club" scene as opposed to that video being set in and outside of a house.

Overall, I feel like this is a pop song because it can appeal to the masses in its beats and melody.  I also feel like the lyrics have that way about them in which you can listen to them, sing along and perhaps not fully understand them.   But should there come a time when some creep is outside of a bar and asks a woman "Hey baby, where are you going?" and when the reply is "Home" and they ask "Can I come?" I only hope that the woman will respond by calling that guy a night stalker.


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