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When this song starts it has this cool, smooth vibe to it.   The words in the verses are almost like a rap as they come out so quickly, which such timing and precision.   It's something that I can't quite put my finger on, but then the melody comes out in the chorus which reminds me of something which you might hear on the radio, like a Fall Out Boy or Panic At The Disco.   Between this sound of the verses and chorus if I had to relate this song with one artist it would definitely be Gorillaz, but this song also has just such a life of its own.

With the fast paced drum beats and synths, this pulls me between being something on radio a short time ago (like Neon Trees) or going all the way back to that new wave feel of the 1980's, but it mostly just lands in that 1990's post-grunge era for me, before anything really took over the radio in a big way and a lot of really diverse artists came up.  I'd like to imagine an album by Blazar being rather fun based on this, as you don't quite know what to expect from song to song.

One of the lyrics- perhaps the hook- in this song says "It's more than good / It's better".   I often wonder about how people ask how you're doing and they say "I'm doing good" and then word snobs say "I'm doing well" but why can't we say "I'm doing better"?  You shouldn't just be trying to make the world around you a good place, you should be trying to make it better.   And as a person, you shouldn't just be good (or well) you should be better than the person you were yesterday, a year ago, ten years ago, etc.

I know, I know, society isn't ready for this.  "Why are you better? What was wrong with you?" is the response you might be met with.   But I still think we should try it.  I still think we should always find ways to improve and evolve as people.   Having this song become an anthem to change our ways from being good to better is perhaps the next level up we can make as a society.   So play this song loud to get the word out.  The masses will get it stuck in their heads.  And then when you say "I'm doing better" they'll understand.


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