Music Video Monday // 05/18/20
feat: Beauty Pill, Blue Canopy, Cut Copy, Ellen Siberian-Tiger, Lauren Rocket, Michelle Blades, Orpine, Pezzettino, Very Very & Walt Disco

[Editor's Note: I started this back when I was first put on lockdown.   This is the result of countless hours spent not only watching music videos but also listening to songs and albums.   The end result doesn't seem to fully reflect the effort which was put into this project and so it may not happen again,]


I really like the new album by Beauty Pill (which is available as a cassette as well!) and this video seems less like a reflection of the song and more like a tribute to William Eggleston but I suppose the two don't have to be mutually exclusive.    So while you listen to this song- which stands well on its own- you can also feel like you're being educated, which is never a bad thing. 

Blue Canopy "656"

This is such a fun song and the animated music video which goes with it just matches that so well.   The colors in here are just such a world that I maybe don't want to live in but would at least like to see Blue Canopy create more videos within. 

Cut Copy "Love Is All We Share"

Sometimes music videos can feel like they are simple while really being complex.  I really enjoy this song and it may feel like you're just watching bubbles the entire time, but the way they form different shapes leaves a lot to be interpreted.   At times I feel like they form this almost human-like shape.   It's a trip to watch, like an old PC screensaver, but the song is also a lot of that Phil Collins drumming goodness.  

Ellen Siberian-Tiger "If A Tree Falls in the Forest"

This is a video where I really liked the song (and I keep listening to songs by Ellen Siberian-Tiger and I'm just enjoying them all so much) but then I watched the video and it's a story.    It's not a video where you can put it on and pay attention to the song and the visuals at the same time.  I highly recommend being familiar with the distorted grunge-like quality of the song before investing into whatever is happening in the "Invisible Man" type of video.  But yes, I love this video because both the audio and visual of it seem to hide such deeper meaning.  

Lauren Rocket "Rattlesnake"

Big bass on the song will hook you in but the visuals such as skateboarding will make you not only listen but watch.   This does everything that a music video should do and more.  

Michelle Blades "Amor sin destino"

Such a stellar example of when music and video come together to exist on the same level.    I love Michelle Blades and I love everything about both this song and video.

Orpine "Two Rivers"

Orpine is about to have an album of the year so to be able to watch a video for their song "Two Rivers" is quite interesting in how all of these musicians come together to play and then at the end just kind of leave.    It's a nice concept and the song should definitely be on your radar.  

Pezzettino "Somewhere North of Pescadero"

Soft pianos with a voice so strong.   Images of nature and colors in squares and rectangular stripes.   This is such a relaxing song but also the visuals make me feel at ease as well.  

Very Very "Daydreams"

Moderately paced song with visuals that can be both trippy and just beautiful in such unrealistic ways.   This is a song that will get stuck in your head but at the same time you'll be thinking of it with the video once you've watched this.  

Walt Disco "Cut Your Hair"

This is a fun song and right now I really wish that I could cut my hair.  I don't think Walt Disco knew the impact a song like this might have had when they were making it, but it just really does make me want to cut my hair though I am no longer bold enough to do it myself.  


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