Cassette Review //
Spit Kink
(Swimming Faith Records)

$4 //
Edition of 100 // // //

With a steady drum beat this one starts off with a song which reminds me of some combination of Devo and Head Automatica.   That funky bass line continues onto the next song and there is also a bit of weirdo rock mixed in with this electronica but I'm not sure there is an exact comparison for this one, nor a genre for that matter.    Somehow it has that appeal of an artist such as Xiu Xiu or Deerhoof, but I imagine how I felt hearing those artists some twenty years ago and relating it with hearing Spit Kink right now.

"Tizzy" is one of my favorite songs on here, as it can only be described as what I might imagine a version of Depeche Mode might sound like if fronted by Fred Schneider.    Also, "tizzy" is one of those words that we don't use enough any more and I feel like we should really bring it back.   "Drip" is fast paced and closes off the first side in an almost punk rock type manner.

On the flip side we open with that gong again.  Remember when cassettes opened with those beeps?  We should bring that back.    Is this synthwave?  Is it twee?  It feels like something I might have heard in the early 2010's on Bandcamp and then wondered what happened to the artist and now they're back- an artist with a name like Vagina Missile Crisis (which is totally real and I've totally reviewed them!)  "NSFA" has a sweet guitar riff and if you don't know what "NSFA" stands for you need to listen to this one a few more times.

A distinct electronic almost video game type of rock comes out in "Yes To Everything" and while I try to live my life in more of a doing vs saying manner, I'm not completely like the movie "Yes Man!"  It's not easy to explain, but if I want to do something in 2020 I just do it rather than take time to think it over, talk myself out of it or just watch the opportunity slip by.  So I do really enjoy this song lyrically because in my own way I am saying yes to everything.

The synth winding through "Suck The Poison Out" (Which is also a title by He Is Legend) might be the first time I refer to music as being kinky and not just because of the name of this artist either.   There is something cheeky about these songs.   They can be hypnotizing, fun in a naughty way and just something I imagine you'd put on after dark even though I've found myself listening to them in broad daylight.


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