Cassette Review //
"Subconscious Of The Sinister Solitarian"

£5 //
Edition of 25 //

This one starts with some quiet awe and then it builds into these various screeches and whirrs which echo in the background.   There is a definite haunted feeling to it right away and it sticks the way you would imagine ghosts dancing around a location in which they are bound to forever.    Creaks and moans give this the setting of a haunted house.    A synthwave somewhat like a lightsaber comes through now and it feels like the room has just opened up with growls and snarls.  

Quieter and calmer now, it feels as if the beast might come to a rest as the first track ends.   A magical sharpness pierces through now with those fog-like airs behind it.   I feel like we're walking through the woods where it has a lot of fog and we're certain danger is out there, hiding, waiting for us, but we're just not going to be able to prove it until it's too late.   It feels like there is some industrial banging, whiirs and sharpness still and then it has this grand sense of just being haunted in general.

Sometimes it feels like this one howls and when that magical sharpness strikes it can be frightening.    The way this can drone though makes me feel like we're in a video game where the soundtrack just keeps repeating because we're not moving- the character is just standing there idle- and in this particular scene we're in a graveyard.   It can kick in pretty heavy at times as well, like thunder crashing down when you're trying to sleep in the silence, and I think it just adds to that scary movie vibe this all gives off.

There is a sense like this will turn serious and let's just say that using the word "grave" in all of its meanings would be an apt way to describe this.    There is a sharp electronic pulling now which I'm not sure how to describe but it makes for a cool sound, perhaps like a gun being shot off at rapid fire.   Though it does eventually calm back down and feel like it's just living under the floorboards and isn't so much in your face.   A static now makes me feel like we're being shocked and a voice is talking about all humans.   

On the flip side we open things up with some notes- which sound like an acoustic guitar- and there is a post apocalyptic sense to this as well.   That moaning menace is behind this one as well, as it quickly dives back down into those depths of being scared.   It feels a bit like the song is falling apart but it still feels haunted so I can't really blame it-- no one knows how they will act in these situations until they are faced with them.   In some ways though, this collection of strings can feel like wind chimes blowing around and making the sounds they tend to make.

It feels now as if we are climbing up somewhere and it's almost like a carnival ride.  How many times have you watched a scary movie where the characters have ended up in a carnival situation (usually the fun house) and have to fend for their lives?  I am reminded of that right now.   Whirring now, it twists and turns like a record player with a warped record playing.   Though it appears as if there are more sounds now this can be as cold and hollow as the first side still.

Creeks and shrieks make this one have a certain way about it.    Though not easy to describe, the sound has the same pace as the air being let out of a balloon, a little bit at a time, but it has a higher pitched sharpness to it.    Also, it can sound like the electronic creeking of something old and wooden just the same.   We calm down now into the next song, though it does slowly begin to build back up with those haunted waves.

A magical component shines through, not too much unlike the key in that MOTU movie I wish I could find to watch for free but somehow only seems to be on the pay services (One day I shall own the blu ray!)  A little bit of distortion comes through now as well, as if from an electric guitar.   Darkness washes over The Dude.   Back into that magical realm we go.   Slowly now, we ride the ocean to our next destination. 


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